Installation info

Not much info today. Meghan Gerety's lecture was tonight in the Art Lecture Hall at 7:30pm. I'm sure it went well. Also I've tried to attach a document that tells step by step how to install 2D pieces with color pics and the whole shabang. I'm having issues with getting it on here so if ya want one then leave me your email as a comment on this blog and i'll email you the file......or stop by the gallery MWF 11-2 and i'll get it to ya.

[posted by Brandon Nichols, UCA Student Employee]


Mark Monroe said...

The show is great. I am interesting in volunteering to help take down the show in October. Let me know what I can do to help.


Just swing by the gallery around Oct. 30th and check with the staff or Barbara (she's the queen of the Baum Gallery kingdom). We always encourage volunteering!