Art 21: a post not so much about the Baum

HI! :) so I really wanted to share a bit about some DVD's I have been watching {even thought it's not so much related to the Baum but very much related to being an art student or just an "art lover" so I feel it's OK} Anywoo, I've been watching a series called

Art:21 [art in the twenty-first century]

It's a series that was on PBS for 4 years and so far they have featured 72 artists, contemporary, interesting, great artists of our time. {i'm not sure if they are doing a 2008 season}

I know you think, PBS, DULLL!!! but no way they are so interesting, i just watched one featuring Laurie Anderson, Richard Serra, Sally Mann, Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, and Pepón Osorio. It was so intresting, I never knew of Richard Serra and now I love him and I learned even more about Sally Mann it was a very exciting hour for me.

so anyway, you can get these on Netflix {if you have it} or you can watch clips on the website {they have 300 clips, so find your favorite artist or someone new and learn something about them!} or you can buy them. I have links galore in this post, but I've added the video to the 'flix about art' section over to the right in case you need it later. I really do encourage you guys watch a few of these, they were very entertaining and very inspiring.

OK well thanks for reading, more Baum updates soon I'm sure things are going to get very busy next week, we'll be packing everything up. Putting it all back in crates and shipping it off and the Seniors will be putting up their show. so exciting stuff to come.