we had a bit of an accident today. When the gallery director [Barbra Satterfield] and the morning student worker [Matt Gattin] came in this morning, one of Kevin Curry's peices had fallen down and broke so we took photos and made reports. it's sad.

before // after

but now we have all his works wrapped up and stacked nicely in the back,

just waiting for him to come pick them up. I hope he's not too sad.

whew. Today has been so productive. the Leaded, Kevin Curry and Justin Novak shows are outta the gallery and walls are painted, we are ready for the Seniors to start bring'n in their stuff. a few have already.

[megan, ed, and krista to be exact]

I'll have flier and information about the coming show up tonight [Thursday 7, 2008] and i'll be sending out announcments about times and what not on our facebook group ... CLICK TO JOIN

Thanks for reading! :) hope to see you all next week.