HELLO! :) I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break.

I'm really excited right now because i just got a sneak peek at some of Seldon Hunt's work, WHICH will be in the gallery when we come back from Christmas break in January.

This is the piece i got a glimpse at...

so i dunno if I'm breaking rules showing stuff before it's even unpacked but I was too excited not to share. ^_^


The BFA/BA Senior Exhibit will be coming down on Thursday, so tomorrow is your last day to see the sweat and tears our 2008 seniors have put in to their bodies of work. :)

After which the gallery will be closed until 2009 when we return to school.

& with that, this may be my last post until the new year, so thanks for reading so far [those few that do ^_^], i think the start of the blog has gone pretty smoothly. i hope you all have a great Holiday break and we'll see you in January.