A few days before the gallery opened for our current show we decided to make some comment cards so we could know what visitors thought about the exhibit. I'm collecting them and every friday i will post the best and my favorite of the comments! On our cards we also ask "what is your favorite piece in the show" and we are getting very consistent votes!

Since I missed last Friday [their just weren't any in the box] I'm going to post some of my favorite ones today and we'll start fresh next Friday! :) We've had a lot of comments about the faculty portion of the show, maybe we should do this more! :)

"Great show. The diversity of the instructors [work] means great thoughts for the students"

"I enjoyed the show!! While I enjoyed the vast diversity of work, I especially liked the sculptures and works with crystals'

"It's great to see work by faculty & fun to see work by young art professions"

Indeed ladies, i say ladies because it was all very very girly hand writing, come on guys, let us know what the male side of the art world thinks! We also got this comment, not a BAD comment but a negative, we welcome them all!!!

"Sorry- but could have done without the camo couch and splatter paintings exhibit. It felt sloppy, unedited, and amature. Also, this type of work is not new or suprising -very dissappointed by artist"

This person pick for favorite work was Marzapam w/ hidden leakage [which so far has been everyones favorite], which is MUCH different from Professor Wyshock's work, so i can see why they wouldn't appreciate it as much, some like the more put together highly detailed works. From what i have been told of Professor Wyshock's way of working, he's a very loose, see what you get as you go kinda painter [so was Pollock, also, it's Pollocks birthday today!], and some viewers prefer a more planed out, tight ship. it's cool, we can take it.

Ok so that was exciting! :) i hope to get more comments that create some sort of discussion. Just as an early reminder: Student Competive is coming up fast, deadline is Feb 27th-ish :D

Thanks for reading!!


barbara s. said...

Thanks, Nichole, for posting the comments--fun reading! I'll have to send the link to Wyshock! B.