Kerry Skarbakka

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Kerry Skarbakka came to visit us today, he spoke during X-Period and then came tonight for a formal lecture in the art lecture hall. He was VERY charismatic and seemed like a really cool guy that all of us would love to be friends with. :D at least i would. Listening to him talk about his trials in life that made his path to us at UCA really gave me a bit of hope with all the 'issue' we seem to have these days. With a lot of hard work and a little luck success is not far. :D

On Saturday Mr. Skarbakka will be deciding the fate of the 2009 Student Competitive. Those of you that missed the lecture can see it on video in a week, if you need a paper topic or what not. :D we'll post the video on here, on facebook, and it'll be on our youtube account.

I'm very Glad Mr. Skarbakka came to see us at UCA and i hope he comes back again. he was very entertaining. :D