A Lot of Buzz

Helllooooo!! [that was said like Mrs. Doubtfire when she pops up outta the fridge with pie on her face]

We are now IMPORTING our blog to FACE BOOK ... too futuristic for you, don't worry we can handle it! .. so for those of you reading this on facebook ... THIS IS A BLOG ENTRY comeing from ... http://baumgallery.blogspot.com/

It's been a while, sorry for the long delay, we have been so busy here at the Baum Gallery with a great many things one of which is our current exhibit:

Pre-Columbian Artifacts: UCA's Reddick Collection

This exhibit is a collection of pottery [vessels, bowls, figures] dating back to 200BC that was donated to the university by Dr. and Mrs. Earl B. Riddick. It's pretty amazing stuff. As a part of this exhibit the Baum Gallery is allowing Dr. Allison Hall's museum studies class to come and work on the exhibit to help categorize and photography the pieces for better storage once the exhibit comes down.

we have also had a few film students in for documentary purposes, this exhibit is a big to'do!

here is a link to our face book 'fan' page with a PRESS RELEASE about the exhibit and of course to get a better look come see it in the Baum Gallery,

Mon-Friday 10am-5pm this exhibit will be up until October 29th!


So, I Have an Art History Degree said...

It would be great if some of those pieces were cleaned. For example I know that the San Sebastian Red figure has painted decoration under all that dirt, not to mention no one can see that it is burnished.