So last Thursday was the opening reception for the Fall season at the Baum. We had a good turn out. The bunnies with guns entertained folks as well as ALL the graphite related stuff. Food wasn't too bad either. Thanks for eating it! Whatever isn't eaten Aramark takes back and what's done with it we don't ask.

The first pic is what $500 will buy from Aramark. Then it's good that people eat it! We like that. However No food or drink is allowed in the gallery this semester. That means you Gabe!

One of the main attractions was the "pencil castle" as most visitors called it. Barb did some talkin' and informin' and Liz seemed to enjoy herself too.

Just so ya know there's a big roll of paper and pencils on a drawing table in the gallery that you're more than welcome to doodle whatever you want on. I doodled a cartoon face. Others doodled all kinds of stuff. So come in a doodle like crazy if you're bored.........doodledoodledoodledoodledoodledoodledoodle.

My next post'll probably be about how we install 2D works in the gallery. A step by step approach. See ya Wednesday.

[posted by Brandon Nichols, UCA Student Employee]