a bit late, but here non-the-less

So, now that the gallery is open and everyone that has been has seen 'Squiggles' i figured i might let you guys in on how IMPOSSIBLE it as to put it up. Even though we did it over a week ago.

We started with a small create ... full of 10 plastic boxes, some touch up paint, and the most tiny drill bit you've ever seen. OH, and some impossible instructions.

So, we apparently had to take the TINY drill bit and put ONE BILLION holes in the wall, it some what of a shape like the one in the third photo ... ours, uhh, doesn't look like that, well it does kinda. :) so we went at it ... measured out the wall [I'm not so good with the measuring tape so christan really did all the math] we broke 5 drill bits and had sore arms after the first day but we got it done! :)

we both started on the same end, not thinking, DUH, we could take an end and work to the middle and get this baby DONE, and so we split, i sure did miss my Christan. ha ha. j/k. i hate her. j/k again .. anyway ... we split up and it grew and grew!!

That last photo is just a close up of the 'squiggles' just TINY pieces of painted rope! This took us 4 days and we were finally done! well almost done, along with the wall art there were bags of peices without nails, that had to be scattered on the floor to looks as though they had fallen off the wall and on to the floor, but we were done with all that hard work for sure.


So, after Christan and I were done with Squiggle, it was off to set up Kevin Curry's room we goofed off a bit. Sometimes, an artist wants all his/her work in a show but we just can't fit it in the gallery, or it just doesn't "flow" with the other works so we had to take one of Kevin's works out a piece that looked like a pile of rocks but was made of foam, it just don't fit [both in space or with the rest of the works] and it made Christan sad.

So, that's a VERY SMALL bit of what i did last week. Scribbles, wired art that made noise, hung up labels galore, so much .. but it's finally done and the gallery is OPEN!!! so come take a look!!! Thanks for reading and i hope to see you in the gallery, i'll be at my desk from now on, so say HI!