So much going on ... lists!

Wow! so much is going on in the gallery. its like we never stop! :) we have visitors like no ones business, this current exhibit has had so much buzz! I'm so excited that everyone has come to see it and are still coming to see it! :)

Today Stefana McClure came to speak about her work. All the way from NEW YORK CITY! She was such an interesting woman, born and raised in Ireland. Went to university in London. She has lived in Japan, Germany, and now New York. that's ... just so much.

I don't have a photo of the works we have in our gallery but i have a pic from the same series ...

So you look at this and your like, oh a red box and some white lines but NO! this is a movie ... Stefana [if i understood her process right] prints out frame by frame the subtitles of a movie and then with her pencil and transfer paper she copies EVERY letter exactly how it is over the page. she said she spends sometimes 6 months on ONE piece! gosh I'd get an eternal headache! she said the page size is determined by the size of the screen she watches the movie on. :D that's cute. She spoke of her love of language and how you can look her works and experience an entire movie in one moment! how wonderful!!! i can't begin to tell you everything i learned about her. she was so cool!

if you want to hear MORE about her she is speaking again
WEDNESDAY 24 2008 @ 7:30 in the Art Lecture Hall.

Earlier I said we were super busy, and boy are we, we have ANOTHER exhibit across campus ... called

Small Works on Paper
21st Annual Juried Exhibition @ the Reynolds Performance Hall

sponsored by

The Arkansas Artist Registry

and all of the works are on sale and for art work, not too expensive. us students wouldn't be able to afford it but it's pretty well priced. :) It's a touring exhibit and after it leaves us, it's on its way to Blytheville. So Guys go check it out while it's still here. :) you could write a paper about something in the show I'm sure.

and THENNN this weekend Friends of the Gallery are having an Art Show and Sale featuring Arkansas artists! so that's exciting, in case you want to come and look at some art have some food and buy some stuff here is the address and schedule of the whole weekend ...

@ Marrvelous Gallery
924 Front Street
Conway, Ar

Friday, Oct 3, 4:30 - 7:30pm
FREE Art & Music Walk

Fri & Sat, Oct 3 & 4, 10am - 4:30pm
FREE General Show & Sale

Well OK ... so that's that ... I've updated you on all the upcoming things .. :D i think that's all .. I've added a new list on the right there, FLIX ABOUT ART ... I've been watching a lot of movies about art and i thought i'd share so when i find one and it doesn't put me to sleep i'll add it to the list. :D