i aproached the visitors! :)

HI HI HI ... so it's 1:34 .. the middle of my shift here at the gallery and i'm big time procrastinating on working on my senior show art works .. sooo, just a bit ago i went in to the gallery and found two guys who had never been in the gallery before and told them about the blog and asked them what their favorite works were. they were very eager to answer.

one fellow, Brandon Janes, said the

Art Guys, Bonded Activity #5 [skyscraper]

was his favorite. he loved 'how perfect' it is. :) he asked me questions like is it solid all the way through? No, it's not :) and i told him about how scared we where to put it together when it came in all those crates. it was good times.

here is The Art Guys website! it's really interesting!

and the other fellow was Andrew Sperry [hope i got your name right Andrew] couldn't decide which he liked more so he had two favorites

Christopher Cook, Probing


Justin Novak, Allegories [2 sculptors about Abu Graib]

LINKS!! :) Christoper Cook website! Justin Novak website! VIST THEM!!! :) thank you. OK guys well i will see you later i must go paint some watercolors! i hope you all have a great day!