What to look forward too! :)

Hi! :) Nichole here. I'm in charge of the look and feel of this here bloggy! i've been work'n hard ... so here is the run down so far ...

always at the top you'll be able to find out quick and easy what our current exhibit is and how long it will be up.

Then the Links

'Local Arts' :: we have many galleries and museums around Arkansas that people just don't hear about unless they live in that museum/gallery's town sooo, we have a section for 'Local Art' ... local art being museums and galleries around arkansas but not particularly CLOSE to conway. don't be lazy people take a weekend and go see some art. [if there is a gallery/museum in your home town let me know!]

'Artists we like', these are just artists we find online, or happen upon in the gallery or just wherever, if you have an artist you like and you want the world to know more about them, send us the link, we want to know them to! :) and finally

'Art Supplies' because conway is a blackhole for artsupplies with our Hobby Lobby and One Camera Shop. we students are forced to either drive to Little Rock or shop online so, here are some links! also, shopping online is fun. so that's it for NOW ... i'll add more i'm sure! We will, once the gallery is open, be featuring a visitor a day, and putting their photo and small interview on the blog ... :)

'Visitor of the Day' it shall be called. so look for that .. and visit the gallery so you might be pick and be famous for a day!! :)

So what's this blog really for?! well, so you can get to know the Baum ... brandon will mostly be doing all the posting about installations and crates [because i don't find wooden boxes as fasinating as he does ... only kidding, no really i don't] he'll be cluing you in on the yea's and woe's of setting up an exhibit and taking one down all the manly stuff there is to do. because there is so much that goes in to getting all that pretty art up on the walls for you to look at. We think people who know about it! :)

I'll do more of the posting about drama with artists and juicy stuff like that. if there is juicy stuff that happens in an art gallery. x_x Also look for interviews with the Visiting Arts but we won't be asking them stuffy art questions, there is enough of that at the 'artists talks' on campus, fear not! we'll be asking them what their favorite color is, what do they do in their free time, what their favorite bubble bath scent is, you get the point, stupid pointless questions that will waste their time! :)

ok well thanks for reading, sorry it was so long.