short update

HI everyone, i just wanted to let you know we haven't given up on the blog. things have just kinda slowed down a bit here in the gallery. we do have a video to post but i'm having some issues getting it up. but man is it a good one, there is a short bit with Dr. Young wiggleing. haha. anyway, i just wanted to check in let you know we are still think'n about the blog and will soon have something great to talk about i just know it. here are some dates to think about though.

october 22 Justin Novak will be in the Gallery at 5:30 talk about his works
october 23 - 24 Justin Novak will be in the Black Box doing the things they do over there.

the last day to see our current exhibit is october 30th ... that's not to far away. so make sure you get your booties in to see it.

our next show will be the BFA/BA Senior Exhibit open nov 13 - dec 4

opening receptions: thursday november 13 @ 4:00 - 6:00
sunday november 16 @ 2:00 - 4:00

ok well that's all i have for now .. :) small works is still up in Stanley Russ, GO SEE THAT! :)